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Senior Officer - Environmental and System Developm ( 1 )


Job Description :

  • Support the combination of SHE Performance Monthly Report from all contractors (Power, Mine, Corporate Service, HPC’s contractor/ Operator) for DONEI/ MONRE submission including preparation of Annual SHE Performance Report
  • Support for Company Compliance Obligations Action Plan Study, review related reports
  • Implement and maintain the OPEMMP, SHE MS to comply with the ISO 14001: 2015 Requirements including supervise the SHE document control development Establish and communicate the work procedures/ work instruction focusing in the environment implementation and management
  • Perform the SHE Internal Audit and support for CAR preparation and CAR closure
  • Arrange and conduct site inspection program/ report preparation/ follow up the non-conformity findings 
  • Participate for meeting in relation to SHE issues with related departments as requested
  • Be a training’s leader and supervise for SHE implementation including building the capacity of environmental ESD subordinate and related parties for enhance knowledge in the environmental aspects an requirements
  • Supervise environmental implementation for Project parties in compliance with environmental obligations, laws and other requirements
  • Support the Project’s improvement to comply with SHE MS, environmental obligations, legal and other requirements
  • Other assigned as Manager and Director or other department

Qualifications :

  • Male / Female
  • At least Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Environmental engineer and other related field
  • Having 3-5 years of work experience in Safety, Health and Environment management plan
  • Having knowledge of ISO 14001 requirements and EMS would be an advantage
  • Proactive and systematic thinking, good coordinating skill
  • Good computer literacy, knowledge of Auto CAD would be an advantage
  • Good English in both speaking, reading and writing would be an advantage

Senior Officer - Evaluation and Reporting ( 1 )

Laos., PDR

Job Description :

  • Progress Report
    • Provide Executive Summary Presentation Material regarding Mining’s activates progress for Management, EXCOMs and BOD Meeting.
    • Consolidate and provide monthly provide monthly progress report to Management and Shareholders.
  • Mining Action Plan
    • Consolidate and verify annual action Plans for Mining Department.
    • Monitor the progress and update milestone for the project Master Schedule and summarize to Management.
  • Manpower Plan
    • Coordinate with Mining Departments to prepare organization chart and manpower plan to comply with the Concession Agreement.

Qualifications :

  • Male / Female
  • Bachelor of Engineering/ Economic or Related.
  • Having 0 – 1 year of work experience in cost accounting.
  • Fast learning and team player.
  • Hard-working, details oriented and committed to deliver tasks on time.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Fair command of English and good computer literacy. (TOEIC 700)

Senior Officer - Contract Management & Coordinatio ( 1 )

Hongsa, LAOs PDR.

Job Description :

  • Coordinate with internal and external parties regarding Power Plant Administration and contractual tasks.
  • Review and process the related invoices and billings of Power Plant Dept, including verifying supporting documents, ensuring accuracy compared to their contracts, obtaining proper approvals, and routing to F&A Dept for payment.
  • Prepare point presentation to Management.
  • Manage and process incoming and outgoing correspondence and transmittals. Prepare written correspondence.
  • Manage and monitor the budgets of Power Plant Dept. Prepare monthly estimate drawdown and accrual. Update Milestone Payment Status of Power Plant EPC and TL & SS EPC Contract.
  • Set up meetings, take minutes, keep notes, and coordinate and follow up on pending issues in Power Plant and external department. 
  • Coordinate with contractors, vendors for coming to work and stay at Hongsa site.
  • Collect purchasing and import list, prepare the Procurement Plan and Master List of Power Plant Department, record importation utilization quota.

Qualifications :

  • Male / Female.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Industrial Management, Economics or other related fields.
  • 3-4 years experienced in Project Management is advantage
  • Excellent skills in using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Proactive, Good interpersonal, communication and coordination skill
  • Problem solving skill, result-orientation, self-motivated
  • Able to work both independent and team environment under pressure.

Safety, Health and Environmental Management System ( 1 )

Hongsa LAOs PDR

Job Description :

SHE Management System Develop and Maintaining (ISO 14001:2015) as planned.

  • Development, maintaining and control for integrated Safety, Health and Environment Management System SHE-MS (OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001:2015) including establish SHE procedures.
  • Coordinate and monitor the development and consultant services for the environmental management system, according to the international standard (ISO 14001:2015)
  • Coordinate with related parties to follow up the corrective progress from consultant observation points i.e. audit against ISO 14001:2015 requirement.
  • Coordinate and arrange the meeting for SHE-MS Working team

Arrange and coordinate about In-house training for HPC & Contractors as SHE-MS related.

Responsible as action plan and budget of ESD Division

  • Prepare Procedures (Corporate WP for Safety) and revised Procedure for SHE-MS to the international standard (OHSAS 18001, DIS 45001) 
  • Update GHG Protocol and assess based on actual data (Refer to WBCSD)
  • Coordinate and Review about the baseline for Energy and Resource Consumption (Electricity, Water, Fuel)
  • SHE Document Control System Development include maintain record required for ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, DIS 45001 (e.g. NCR online, etc.)
  • Support for Crisis Management
  • Review the SHE Compliance Obligation (Safety part) including needs and expectation
  • Provide training and communication in regulatory requirements, corporate policies, SHE obligations
  • Coordinate and conduct audits of internal and external audits.
  • Participate the SHE Internal audit and supervise for audit plan - focus on safety part
  • Explore environmental safety, health and environmental initiatives for continual SHE-MS.

SHE Awareness program for All HPC and Contractors as planned

  • Prepare and communication for SHE activity, SHE Newsletter, SHE Tips, Lesson Learned.
  • Promote SHE activities, create SHE awareness, SHE Day to employee and contractors
  • 5S program as planned

Perform other tasks assigned by supervisor.

Qualifications :

  • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety, Public Health, Safety Engineer, Environment Science or Other related field.
  • Having 2-5 years of work experience in Safety management and Safety compliance.
  • Having knowledge of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other international Standard that related to SHE, experience in the power plant industry or energy sector is advantage.
  • Having knowledge of SHE Management System development
  • Experience in risk assessment and environmental aspect is preferred.
  • Able to update SHE training courses for training need.
  • Having knowledge of GHG Assessment is beneficial.
  • Creative, Good coordinating, and communication skills.
  • Service minded, proactive with analytical mind and able to work under pressure.
  • Excellent of English language skill (Read, Write & Speck) TOEIC Scores >700
  • Good computer skill, especially in power plant, word, excel, adobe photoshop.


Division Manager - Contract Management & Coordinat ( 1 )

20 Sep 2017

Hongsa, LAOs PDR

Job Description :


  • Manage the contracts (Power Plant EPC Contract (Warranty Management) O&M agreement, EGAT PPA, EDL PPA, Plat Improvement contracts, Spare part/Tool procurement, etc.).
  • Develop and negotiate new contract and amendment of existing contracts.
  • Manage the team to perform administrative work to support OM contractor, Spare Part/Tool procurement, Plant Improvement agreement.
  • Manage and monitor usage of budget.

Qualifications :

Job Specification

  • Male / Female.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, major in engineering, International Business, Project Management, Legal, or any related field.
  • At least 5-10 years of work experience in Contract Management, Power Plant Business or Corporate Service with at least 5 Years in supervisory role.
  • Preferable in PPA management, EPC Warranty management.
  • Leadership with good negotiation and communication skill.
  • Strong sense of teamwork, ability to organize, develop and maintain good administrative system.
  • Good English ability in both spoken and written and computer literacy.

Senior Officer - Safety and Security ( 1 )

Hongsa, LAOs PDR

Job Description :

  • Advise operation and maintenance personnel on fire prevention equipment and techniques, and on fire code and standard interpretation and compliance.
  • Inspection and testing fire detection equipment, alarm systems, and fire extinguishing devices and systems.
  • Develop training materials and conduct training sessions on fire protection.
  • Organize and coordinate in Fire Fighting System Inspection to comply with NFPA standard
  • Conduct site monthly and quarterly inspection in Power Plant, Mining and related areas.
  • Conduct Orientation, Basic Safety Training by following company training plan.
  • Develop and implement the Near Miss and Unsafe Campaign
  • Collect and summaries the monthly Safety and Security Report
  • Provide Safety and Security lesson learned, tips and newsletter
  • Plan and utilize the Personal Protective Equipment and safety equipment
  • Advise operationand maintenance personnel on fire prevention equipment and techniques, and on fire code and standard interpretation and compliance.
  • Inspection and testing fire detection equipment, alarm systems, and fire extinguishing devices and systems.
  • Develop training materials and conduct training sessions on fire protection.

Qualifications :


·         Male / Female

·         Bachelor’s degree or higher in Occupational Health & Safety,  Safety Engineering or other related field

·         Having 3-5 years of work experience

·         Good knowledge in NFPA,TIS/OHSAS 18001 will be advantage

·         Result oriented, proactive with strong analytical thinking

·         Good leadership and management skills


·         Good English ability in both spoken and written and computer literacy

Senior Officer - Mine Equipment Planning Engineer ( 1 )

Hongsa Laos PDR

Job Description :

Accountability :-

  • To be responsible for CHS equipment planning activities.
  • To perform CMMS PM module and maintenance work order.
  • To monitoring Maintenance plan and coordinating maintenance work center.
  • To manage and control budget are utilized according to plan.
  • To support technical for solve any problems those occur during operation.
  • To support technical expertise for CHS equipment maintenance and procurement.
  • To prepare sufficient tools and stuff of support the maintenance work for CHS maintenance.
  • To make a good cooperate with internal and external party.
  • To perform work by follow SHE policy.
  • To perform work by follow cooperate policy.











Qualifications :

Job Specification :-

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineer or Other related field.
  • 3-5 Year of work with hand-on experience in equipment/ machinery maintenance or technique, preferably in Mining background.
  • Precautious with attention to details, systematic thinking and well-organized.
  • Fair command of English.
  • Good computer skill.






Senior Officer - Legal ( 1 )

14 Mar 2018

Base in Hongsa, Lao PDR.

Job Description :

Draft, review and revise contracts and legal documents in order to screen and mitigate legal and contractual risks of the company.

·Provide the legal research and acquire knowledge of Thai and local laws in order to assure legal compliance of the company.

·Provide legal opinion and advise solutions to other business units to facilitate their works.

·Review internal policies and standard regulation to ensure all departments and employees are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirement


Qualifications :

        Bachelor Degree in Law (LL.B.)

·At least one year of experience in Corporate Legal, and/or law firms

·Experience in drafting, reviewing and revising contracts and relevant legal documents

·Able to handle with corporate and commercial matters

·Pleasant personality with good interpersonal skill and service mind

·Mature, energetic, positive attitude, adaptable, fast response with result-driven

·Good command of spoken & written English (Minimum TOEIC Score 600)  

Senior Officer – Power Purchase Agreement Manageme ( 1 )

15 Mar 2018

Base in Hongsa, Lao PDR

Job Description :

  • Review, verify and storing all documentation issued by O&M in related PPAs.
  • Review and verify daily and final confirmation statement of Availability and Metered Energy generated by O&M.
  • Implement and verify invoice issuance and meeting regarding Billing and Payment Calculation with EGAT PPA and EDL.
  • Manage and provide advice to operators and other partied to fulfill the obligations in accordance with PPAs.
  • Review and forecast revenue outlook and be able to update monthly revenue in related PPAs.
  • Provide correspondence and submit summarize all reports i.e. major maintenance work, planned outage, annual test etc.
  • Review and follow up the meeting with EGAT O&M relevant with PPAs.
  • Other as assigned by supervisor.

Qualifications :

  • Male or Female, age 25 – 30 year.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Engineer or other related field.
  •  At least 3-5 years of work experience in Power Plant Business and Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Knowledge Power Purchase Agreement would be advantage.
  • Good negotiation and communicate skills.
  • Must have strong problem-solving skills, analytical skills and decision making skills.
  • Able to work under pressure and result-oriented with systematic thinking.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Good command of English both written and spoken.


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