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Safety, Health, Environment and Social Policy



HONGSA POWER COMPANY LIMITED “HPC” aims to harmonize the best power producer in Lao PDR with operational excellence bringing happiness to all operation excellence growth forwith safety, health, environment, and social sustainable implementation to be a leading  mine-mouth power plant company in ASEAN in accordance with HPC’s Safety, Health, Environment and Social management. We are dedicated to conduct our business in the responsible manner to “Protect life, Minimize loss, Conserve environment and Contribute to community initiatives”. Hence, HPC has established SHES Policy and SHES objectives by considering the organization’s context, sustainable development includes Environment, Social Governance Principle, nature, scale, SHES impacts and Global issues during the operational phase as below:


•Establish and implement a management system or systematic approach for the activities conducted by HPC, operators and contractors to address safety, health, environment, and social issues to comply with company’s obligations.

•Work closely with the management, operators, contractors, employees, and related parties to establish management plan in addressing safety, health, environment, and social issues together with integration of accountability accordingly.

•Protect and conserve the environment and prevent impacts of environmental pollutions including carbons arising with a prompt action in response to those pollution and impacts as well as support efficient and sustainable use of resources and reasonably practicable as possible.

•Care for occupational health and safety of our employees and all personnel undertaking works for the business by maintaining a safe work environment and taking all practical and reasonable measures to eliminate accident and occupational illnesses.

•Strive for improving and sustaining harmony with the nearby communities through community and relevant stakeholders’ development and engagement activities besides, report the Environment, Social and Governance “ESG” performance to intended parties based on “equity, inclusion, mutual respect, flexibility, transparency and accountability” concepts.

•Focus on a priority action in response to nearby communities on management of water use, forest, land use nearby the CA area, and health surveillance program.

•Promote open communication on occupational health and safety, environmental and social issues for better understanding as well as create sustainable benefits for relevant stakeholders. 

•Encourage the consultation program to all employees and employee representatives, as well as improve the employee’s competence to ensure occupational health and safety, environmental and social responsibility awareness.

•Periodically monitor and review the progress and success of safety, health, environmental and social management system to enhance and ensure continual improvement and highly effective SHES performances.

HPC recognizes that effective SHES management can contribute to the overall performance of our business. Therefore, management and employees at all levels shall take full responsibility and are closely engaged with SHES program implementation. Additionally, all employees, operators and contractors are also obligated to understand and adhere to this SHES Policy by executing their own SHES duties and actively participating HPC's SHES implementation programs.





Reference: HPC-SHE-POL-001 (rev. 12 dated June 30,2023)